Update of the limit for the API

The limitations for the API have been changed. Now it is possible to make 100 requests per hour.

Posted by Alex on
45 seconds

Amazing! A lot of requests that have been made so far have exceeded the current limits multiple times. We did not expect that at all. So we were thinking of more suitable limitations as they are indeed needed to keep the API stable and safe. As a result of this we do allow now up to 100 requests per hour. This change has already been made to the API. We will keep an eye on that and adjust the limits again if it is needed.

Also we did implement three headers that will be sent with the result of your request so you guys can keep an eye of your very own limitations.


That is the general limitation. As of today it is 100/3600 which stands for 100 requests in 3600 seconds (an hour).


This shows the requests that have been made already.


And finally we do show you the remaining requests.