Block Trashmail Detect disposable email addresses and block them

What is a disposable email address?

As an owner of a website, blog or online-shop you might have noticed registrations that have been made by people who were using a so called disposable email address aka trashmail for it. Trashmails are a kind of fake email addresses as they mostly expire after a certain time. They are supposed to be used to gain access to content that is only accessible after registration. But a reliable communication between you and your customers is very important. Especially when it comes to an online-shop.

How can Block Trashmal help me?

To help you in this case we jump in to provide you with our free database full of providers who offer those trashmails. By today we have thousands providers listed there. It is easy to access the database via our API that follows the REST standard. You do not have to worry about anything. We take care of maintaining the database and you can focus on your website.

What does Block Trashmail offer?

More than 60,000 domains

Yet we have thousands of domains and the number is increasing.

Completely free

No costs and no strings attached: For personal and commercial use.

Safe and reliable

Secure connection via HTTPS and availability monitored by UptimeRobot.

Humans involved

Beside automatic checks we also check domains by hand regularly.


Because we are following the REST standard you can integrate Block Trashmail quickly into your applications.

JavaScript Object Notation

All responses from the API are in JSON for maximum flexibility.