Update of API limits

Limits for our API will be changed to 150 requests per IP address and 24 hours.

Posted by Alex on
1 minute, 20 seconds

Let us be honest: We just did not expect that much of requests since our last update where we even increased it. That might sound super silly. We just thought that this higher limit would help people who are on a shared hosting and therefore using the same IP address. But turns out 1,500 requests were just too much. Caching is in place and it reduces payload so the overall performance is not that bad. But still we had numerous requests which exceeded the limit constantly. And that is our fault because we have set it too high.

We took this into a deeper consideration to decide what action would fit best here. Shall we increase the limits again so that those few ones would benefit from it? Or shall we reduce the limits in favor of stability and performance? As you are reading this you already know we went for the last option. After looking at the logs which we keep for debugging and cases like this, we found out something interesting. There were a lot of the same requests which have been made a couple times in a row. Maybe because those requests have been sent during a form validation or the script to make the requests itself is called in a loop.

It was clear to us that most users do not reach the current limits and stay somewhere at 100 requests per day. That is why we now set the limit to 150 requests per IP address and 24 hours. In fact, a little bit more than actually used so far. The new limits are already applied.