The new Block Trashmail – fresh design, clean menu and no registration needed anymore.

Posted by Alex on
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Since Block Trashmail launched in 2015, we have processed more than 65.000 requests as of May 2018. About 15% of these requests have been reported back with a listed domain in our database for a trashmail provider. In numbers that are more than 10.000 records which are pretty remarkable for this amount of total requests. In the end we had a total amount of API keys associated with user accounts somewhere in the middle of a double digit number.

With this relaunch we want to extend our website and functionality by enhancing it with the given feedback of you guys and our own ideas. Yet an API key was required to make requests to our database. From now on an API key is no longer needed! You can use our website and our API without a registration. We have removed all user accounts and their information.

A few more improvements have been made, especially to the menu and the overall overview which is cleaner and smoother now. Pages that have a relation to each other now have a link so you can quickly find other pages with content you are interested in. We also switched from formal speech more to a common way to address you as a user of our website which has been preferred in the past, especially via email. And finally: We do offer our website in English now! We want to point out here that we are not native speaker but we try our best so you can use our website without the help of a translator! :) If you notice some weird spelling please let us know so we can fix it! Thanks!

"Our heads are round so our thoughts can change direction."

— Francis Picabia (1879 - 1953), French poet

Just in sign of Francis Picabia, a great French poet in his time, we want to make a change in our thoughts to try something new after three years.