Increasement of limits and a few more improvements

You can now make up to 1,500 requests from one IP-address per hour. We have also changed the value for "retry-after".

Posted by Alex on
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Increasement of limits

The limits have been increased from 1,000 requests to up to 1,500 requests per IP-address and hour. At the moment we do not see any problems with that. If there will be a suspicious behavior on the API with an unusual amount of requests, we may change the limit to deal with it.

How we handle exceedments

If the limit will be reached we will now return an HTTP status code 429 along with the header retry-after. In that you will find as value the amount of seconds you need to wait before making a new requests.

Until you are able to make new requests, we will hide the following headers.

  • bt-api-limit-ratio
  • bt-api-limit-used
  • bt-api-limit-free

Enhanced protection against flooding

Although we have already a mechanism to detect and throttle flooding, we have adapted the value for the threshold. Also the way of taking effect has been changed to detect and fight against flooding attacks in a more efficient way. You should not be affected as long as you are within the limits and not constantly flooding the API.