Faster API and increasement of limits

As of now caching is used to reduce page load time and we allow up to 1,000 requests per ip address and hour.

Posted by Alex on
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Whenever it is possible we try to make our API even faster. Using caching is a sure thing when it comes to improve the performance of a website. Since we had multiple updates of our database at a day, we did not want to use caching here as it would not have made any sense. Now, after we have refreshed a few things behind our API, we now update our database on a daily basis. That makes it possible to cache results up to 24 hours.

The limits have been increased from 100 requests per ip address and hour to 1,000 requests per ip address and hour.

We hope that especially the boost of the API can be noticed by you. If there is anything that does not work properly, please let us know about it. Thanks!