Donate to Block Trashmail

Our service is useable at no cost. However, a donation would be highly appreciated.

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Update on 13.05.2021
Additionally to PayPal you can now also donate via Buy me a coffee. For more information please read this.

Block Trashmail is completely free of charge and without any obligation. And we will not change that! Although it is not free to run this service. We do cover the costs at our own currently.

Hosting and domains have to be paid - every year. These expenses are paid by us as we think that everybody should be able to use such a service no matter if he can afford it or not. Running such a service is not cheap. Donations are a good way to support us and to keep the service up and running. It also allows us to improve it and to take the whole process forward on a new level. In the end, that is something everyone can benefit from.

At the bottom of every page you can find our link to PayPal where you can donate money to us. Thank you for your support, we highly appreciate it.